Finally! Reveal the new face of "La diabla" in "Without the breasts if there is paradise"


The end of the third season of "Without sin if there is heaven" left more questions than answers, but an important revelation eclipsed everything else and the new face of "La diabla" was finally unveiled .

After an attack ordered by "El Titi", the character played by the Colombian Majida Issa was disfigured. But if "La diabla" has some other capacity besides being simply vindictive and calculated, it has an incredible survival instinct. And as pictures, with lots of money and threats, he managed to get a surgeon to transplant the face of a girl from his city.

Even the Colombian Kimberly Reyes will be the new performer of Yesica Beltrán, the villain we love to hate, in the third season of the successful Telemundo series.

Alejandra Guzmán revealed the secret of "La Diabla", Majida Issa?

Issa greeted the series with "infinite thanks" to all those who followed her in her challenge of interpreting the role originally played by María Fernanda Yépez in "Sin sin no noy paraíso".

In the fourth season of the series written by Gustavo Bolívar we hope to see Yesica infiltrate the TEA, working with Catalina "La grande".




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