Finbee CEO Noreika – about the risks of crowdfunding, banks’ approach to business and future plans

For a long time, banks offering customers zero interest on deposits forced residents to look for more profitable ways to earn from their accumulated funds. Dali dived into the world of crowdfunding, where anyone can feel like a small bank – become a lender and earn from interest.

One of the most established peer-to-peer lending platforms in the market in recent years is Finbee. With the manager of this company, Darius Noreika, we talk about changes in the market, the risks of residents who take out loans through peer-to-peer lending platforms and invest money there, and the future plans of the business in the interview series “Coffee with the Manager”.

Finbee currently offers lending services to both individuals and small businesses.

– Mostly we hear about loans from commercial banks. They constantly review the situation in both the deposit and loan space. How do you see the situation in this market? How is the risk appetite of customers changing in the face of economic uncertainty?

– We have not noticed any significant changes since the summer. In the fall, when inflation started to pick up and there was talk of a possible economic slowdown, we started to look harder at customers. In consumer loans, we started to look more responsibly at where the funds are spent if the client borrows more often. We have tightened the criteria on our part, please ask for more information.

We have noticed that there have been more cases where scammers have become more active.

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