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"John Pfaff, a professor from New York, found an old Apple computer in the attic of his parents' house and was surprised when he found out that the device was still working … Last Saturday, Pfaff posted some photos of Apple IIe on Twitter, who is 30 years old and who, despite the passage of time, could turn on and make it work. "I put an old game disc, I ask if I want to restore a saved game and find one! You must be 30 years old. I'm 10 years old again, "he wrote surprised in a tweet.

Apple IIe was the third model released by the Apple II series and was put on sale in 1983. This computer was already able to distinguish upper and lower case letters, using the Shift and Shift keys, for the first time included in a keyboard. The New York professor restored the game Adventureland, a game that worked with text commands and was launched by Scott Adams in 1978. "What should I do next?" This is complicated, because thirty years later I can not remember where I left this round of Adventureland, "he said on Twitter.

In addition to that game, Pfaff also found floppies with other titles of the time such as Millionware, Neuromancer and Olympic Declaon. Not everything that held the computer was videogames, the teacher also found schoolwork and notes of the late father, who at that time used the computer.

"I just found this letter that my father wrote to me in 1986 when I was 11, in a summer camp, and my father died almost exactly a year ago, and it's incredible to find something so" ordinary "in him," he said to Twitter.

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