Find out how many times a day you should poop

A How often we have a bowel movement depends on many factors such as diet, medication, hormonal fluctuation, exercise and stress. However, as is usual in these things, opinions are divided. In fact, there is no right answer. However, you should be aware of some changes, especially in the color, consistency of the stool and odor, especially when accompanied by other symptoms such as weight loss or abdominal pain.

Hana Patel, a doctor specializing in women’s health, explains to the Metro newspaper that the act of defecation varies from person to person. As such, more than the frequency, we must be aware of changes in bowel habits

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Patel stresses that defecating shouldn’t be painful. This could be a sign of unhealthy bowel movements. On the other hand, “if your stools are a different color than normal (brown) or have blood, you should talk to your family doctor, as this could mean that you are suffering from an undiagnosed problem”, such as irritable bowel, inflammatory bowel disease, systemic diseases such as impaired thyroid function, calcium disorders or diabetes, as well as tumors of the digestive tract.

As explained in an article on the Lusíadas portal, type 3 stools (sausage-shaped, with cracks on the surface), 4 (sausage-shaped or snake-shaped, thinner, smoother and softer) and 5 (fragmented, but in pieces with well-defined contours, and soft).

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