Find out the reasons why users of “Android” devices switch to “iPhone”

Recently, reports indicated that users of smartphones running the “Android” operating system are switching to using “iPhone” phones in record numbers.

With the advent of smartphones in the late 2000s, users around the world started debating which is better: Android phones or iPhones?

And according to recent numbers and statistics, the numbers are in the interest of “iPhone” phones.

Reasons why users switch from “Android” to “iPhone”

According to a report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, that recent months have witnessed the shift of many users from “Android” phones to “iPhone” phones, and these numbers are the highest in the past five years.

Research shows that during the period between March 2022 and March 2023, 15% of users who bought an iPhone were using Android phones before that.

During the current month of May, a report from the market research company Counterpoint showed that Apple maintained, during the first quarter of 2023, the acquisition of the top spot in operating profits, despite the difficult situation that the market means, especially for smartphone manufacturers. running Android.

Enduring loyalty from Apple customers

The company added that Apple’s thriving system discourages consumers from looking for cheaper alternatives, in addition to its strong presence in the ever-renewing phone market, representing more than 50% of the sector, which enhances its performance and makes customers in a state of permanent loyalty to the company.

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Sacrificing cheap Android phones to buy an iPhone

Everyone wonders about the reasons why users sacrifice the low prices of Android phones and the tendency to buy the iPhone, which is known for its high price.

Here are five reasons why you should know the reasons for change:

  • iPhone provides software and security support for a longer period

This feature is considered the most prominent feature of iPhone phones that outperforms Android phones, and Apple provides a long period of software and security support, which reaches five or six years, unlike Android phones, which only lasts three or four years.

  • iPhone maintains its value when resale

iPhone phones have the advantage if the user decides to sell his device, which provides a better investment for users who like to exchange their devices frequently.

for example:

If you want to sell the iPhone 13, which was launched two years ago at a price starting at $ 799, you will get 75% of its price, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra from Samsung, which was launched at a price starting at $ 1,199, only kept 60 % of its price

  • iPhone provides iMessage service

iPhone phones contain the “iMessage” messaging service, which is superior to the messaging services that can be used in Android phones, as it allows iPhone users to share text messages, photos, and videos between each other without the need to use the SMS text messaging service.

  • iPhone phones most popular among young people

iPhones are socially better for young adults and teens, and one young man from a group of young people buying an iPhone makes others interested in buying an iPhone like him.

  • iPhone apps are the best and safest

Some companies or developers choose to launch their applications for iPhone phones before Android phones, because iPhone users are willing to pay to purchase applications or services within them, and because of the stability of the Apple software system, as the (IOS) system for iPhone phones makes the application experience better compared to Android systems.

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