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Instant delivery platform Jokr announced on Thursday the completion of its $ 260 million Series B funding round, for This transaction the company is valued at $ 1.2 billion, making it one of the fastest companies to achieve unicorn status in history.

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In the round, the firm was backed by several of the world’s top growth and technology investors, including Activant Capital, Balderton, Greycroft, GGV Capital, G-Squared, HV Capital, Kaszek, Mirae Asset, Monashees, Moving Capital, Tiger Global and others. In fact Ralf Wenzel, CEO and founder of JOKRThey, as well as other co-founders, have personally re-invested as part of this round.

The company announced that since its launch in March 2021, it has gained ground in Latin America and the United States. And these new funds will help it expand in high-growth markets such as Colombia, where it plans to grow in different cities such as Bucaramanga and Barranquilla.

“We will be expanding in the country, in addition to the arrivals this year, by 2022 we will be reaching other cities such as Cali or Cartagena, we have grown very fast and our model has been widely accepted, this gives us more gasoline to continue”, said Germán Peralta, co-founder and CEO of Jokr for North LATAM

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Jokr has around 200 hubs in 15 cities around the world, and it already has its first areas and cities that have achieved operational profitability.

The platform has already gained recognition from its customers for its versatile and localized inventory, which it continues to optimize according to the needs of its customers, resulting in strong growth in purchase sizes. Jork’s retention rates are among the highest in the industry, with over 50% of new customers generated organically and an accelerated order frequency from active customers. Its proprietary algorithm for analyzing order data enables you to store products based on the preferences of your local users, ensuring immediate product availability while reducing waste.

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“We are in several countries in the region but coverage has been limited, after Mexico we reached Colombia, Peru and we are now in Chile and Brazil. The idea is to grow in all countries and in the case of Colombia we are launching Barranquilla this week and the last one was Bucaramanga, we are going to reach more and more Colombians even growing our offer in Bogotá and Medellín, which are the cities that carry the most operating “added Peralta.



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