Find the reason that reminds his father in an old computer


In social networks, the story of the user John Pfaff became viral, which he found in his parents' attic a computer of about 30 years and some disks. Among the digital files he found a very moving memory of his late father.

"An Apple IIe I was in my parents' attic for decades Decades," reads the teacher's tweet.

Among other things, Pfaff has found very old video games with which he enjoyed himself as a child.

"My kids thought it was extremely retro for me and my wife to play Super Mario for NES (Nintendo) on the old Switch," he wrote on Twitter.

However, the most special surprise in the digital archives was a letter written by his father to him in 1986, when Pfaff was 11 years old. His father died in 2018.

In the letter, the father tells what happened to him while his son, John Pfaff, was in a summer camp.

"We can not wait to hear your adventures," concludes his father in the letter.

The tweet with the history of the computer has received more than 168 thousand "Like" and has been retweeted almost 30 thousand times, with the information of Noticieros Televisa.



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