Find traces of underground lakes on Mars with minerals needed for life


The European Space Agency and its exploration, Mars Express, have identified an underground water system consisting of interconnected lakes that billions of years ago traveled through the subsoil of Mars.

Contrary to what was believed by the aridity of the area, the red planet shows signs of the existence of huge amounts of water in the past. These channels have been described as valleys and ramifications that have formed thanks to the passage of this vital liquid.

"The ancient Mars was an aquatic world, but when the planet's climate changed, the water filtered beneath the surface to form pools and groundwater & # 39;" explained the company. main author of the study, Francesco Salese, of the University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

The specialist and his team of collaborators explored 24 closed craters found in the northern hemisphere of Mars, about 14,000 feet deep.

Precisely at the base of these craters these formations were found, which are only explained by the presence of water.

"These lakes would have existed about 3,500 million years ago, so they could have been the contemporaries of a Martian ocean," said co-author Gian. Gabriele Ori, Director of the International School of Research on Planetary Sciences (Italy).

In addition, the researchers of the study have discovered several minerals in five of the lakes examined, finding among them clay, carbonates and silicates, which could support the theory that one day Mars could have hosted life.



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