Finding ourselves again, despite the pandemic

(ANSA) – SANTIAGO DEL CHILE, DEC 27 – The actors have not stopped, with closed rooms the creation has continued and in an unparalleled effort, where the digital and the face-to-face will intersect, the 28th edition of the Santiago International Theater Festival at One thousand 2021 will once again refresh Chile’s hot summer

Under the slogan “Return to Find Us” and if the circumstances of the pandemic approve it, the lights will shine again between January 3 and 24 after months of physical isolation, sector shutdown and theater closings

There are 151 shows from 19 countries that give shape to this new edition with productions of theater, dance, music, opera, circus, radio plays and performance for theaters, in the street and non-conventional spaces, as well as a powerful online programming designed for different scenarios Teatroamil virtual

With special focus on the work of Latin American Creative Women, Great Masters, in addition to national and family programming and in public spaces, artists such as Marina Abramović, Laurie Anderson, Joel Pommerat and the German company Rimini Protokoll stand out, in addition to long-awaited premieres and co-productions to charge of 31 Minutes, Alfredo Castro, La Patogallina, Tryo Teatro Banda, LasTesis, Delight Lab and Iván Navarro, among others

For the first time, the festival will reach the 15 regions of Chile thanks to the “Creative Territories” program, which will have a show from each region as a result of a regional collective curatorship

As the director of the Teatro a Mil Foundation, Carmen Romero, points out, it will be an unprecedented festival, in 360 degrees and in accordance with the new reality and the health and care protocols; one multi-format and multi-stage

Among the guests, Paraguay debuts in line with contingent themes that challenge the present through theater, dance, music, performance and circus, as well as recent and recovered formats during the pandemic, such as shows and plays by Zoom, and the radio drama

Under question, the works that were to be presented in 15 theaters, but which three weeks ago cannot reopen, after the entire Metropolitan region fell into transition, with quarantine on weekends

The “Creative Territories” program is an initiative that debuts this year and highlights local creation through a show for each region of the country

Chile thus becomes a great stage that connects with various communities and opens new access options, face-to-face or digital, for people

In addition, thanks to technologies and despite the circumstances, the festival continues to be international, presenting great creators and creators through foci such as Latin American Creative Women, the German company Rimini Protokoll and Great Masters who may be digitally

“In a complex year like this around the world, and in which we have seen our artists out of work and with their theaters closed due to the pandemic, we have been able to see them constantly reinventing themselves as well, and thinking of their works and creations for platforms and formats in the that had never been submerged before “, highlighted Carmen Romero

“The artists have resisted with integrity, and we too, to each of the ups and downs that this year brought, both political, social and health. That is why we have drawn this Santiago a Thousand different, more dynamic, hybrid and medial, depending on the context and the new reality that we have had to assume “, he summarized. (ANSA)


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