Finding Radio-Canada too far to the left, an employee slams the door

In an open letter, an English-speaking journalist who had worked for Radio-Canada for more than a decade said the media was excessively concerned with leftist issues and she resigned.

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“I used to be the most to the left in any newsroom, now I’m easily the most conservative,” Tara Henley claimed in her letter, posted Monday on Substack.

Mme Henley, a white woman in her forties, criticizes, for example, that the company pays too much attention to discrimination against ethnic minorities.

“Working at the CBC now is accepting the idea that race is the most important thing in a person and that some races are more relevant to public conversation than others,” she said.

“In no time, the CBC has gone from being a trusted news source to producing click-bait that looks like a parody of the student press,” complained Henley.

“Working at Radio-Canada in the current climate is to embrace cognitive dissonance and abandon journalistic integrity,” she wrote in her letter.

According to her, the broadcaster “embodied some of the worst trends in mainstream media.” The change would be recent and it would have happened in about 18 months.

The bell sound is very different on the French speaking side. About eight months ago, a study commissioned from an outside firm revealed serious gaps in diversity within the public broadcaster. A survey conducted by the firm HR Sept24 in November, among 1,383 French-speaking employees, showed that Radio-Canada employees from visible minorities felt left out and were afraid to express their ideas.

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