FindVit introduces an artificial intelligence (AI) personal health advisor designed to drive business growth

Businesses around the world are looking for ways to more effectively integrate artificial intelligence into their operations to optimize work, reduce costs and improve customer service. FindVit, an innovative health platform that has already been implementing a personalized and customer-loved solution for more than a year”your day”, additionally introduces its new (DI) health consultant service, which allows businesses to grow faster, saving time and costs.

Artificial intelligence consultant – a new opportunity for business

FindVit to provide clarity, expand customer consultation and simplify selection of health productscreated by (DI) consultantwho works on a health platform This new AI service assists customers by answering their health questions, helping them find the right health supplements for their individual needs, and providing information about products and their effects on the body.

An AI consultant is trained to intelligently answer customer questions, work when needed, and help multiple people at once. According to Findvit’s calculations, the price of this service is only 1.2 euros per hour (if you work continuously for an hour), which is even 20 times less than the salary of a qualified employee. This helps the company’s employees and partners to devote more time to personal customer consultation.

An international team ensures quality

To achieve the best possible result, FindVit had to work with an international team of professionals from Japan, America and Spain to ensure the effectiveness of the AI ​​consultant and the quality of customer service. “In the beginning, we hoped that everything would be simpler, but there are still a number of restrictions and nuances that we had to understand before we trained (DI) the Lithuanian language, products and activities,” shared the project manager of the company – Tomas.

The application of artificial intelligence is still new to many and the technology is improving by the hour. Working with the team, a thorough research was carried out and all the necessary information was applied so that the AI ​​consultant could serve the clients in the best possible way. The team continues to gain experience and work to achieve even better results.

An AI consultant is an investment in the future

The advantages of an artificial intelligence consultant are not only efficiency and lower costs, but also the ability to train it for any profession or specific information. This is a great opportunity for those who have online stores and want to improve the customer experience and increase profits.

FindVit plans to introduce even more specialized AI health advisors in the future, such as keto diet, health planning, and more. The company also receives requests from other business areas that want to integrate similar AI services into their platforms.

Try FindVit’s AI Health Advisory Service

Visit the FindVit website to try this health AI advisor “Personal consultation” or contact directly by e-mail by mail [email protected]. Regardless of the business area, AI consultants can quickly help you save time, money, and improve customer service.

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