Fines: – 43 motorists are fined daily

7953 people were fined for mobile phone use behind the wheel during the first half of 2021.

If you compare with the first half of 2020, there has been a reduction of nine percent.

Henrik Pettersen Sunde, communications and public relations officer at Ung i Trafikken, says in a press release that it is worrying that 43 people are fined every day.

– The dark numbers are probably large. There is no doubt that our attention is weakened by using the mobile phone, he says.

The fine rate has increased

From 2021, the fine rates for the use of mobile phones in traffic increased. Now you get a fine of 5,000 kroner and three dots on the driver’s license if you are caught red-handed.

For drivers who are on probation, the penalty is a full six points. Last year, the fine was 1,700 kroner and two points.

– 5000 kroner is a noticeable amount for most people, and if you are a new driver it can sting extra with six points. You actually lose the note by eight dots. So it is important to focus on the road, Sunde points out.

More young people are being taken

On a national basis, 934 people in the age group 18 – 24 years were fined, which corresponds to a small increase of four percent compared to the first half of 2020.

– Using a mobile phone behind the wheel is dangerous, simple and easy. Many young people may think that “a traffic accident does not happen to me” – such attitudes are not sufficient, says Sunde and continues.

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As many as three out of ten fatal accidents in traffic can actually be connected to mobile phone use.

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