Finetwork launches a 700 million euro push to Zegona for its fiber and mobile contract

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Finetwork has been carving out a niche for itself in the telecommunications market for some time with its aggressive promotional strategy, which goes from Fernando Alonso to Trancas and Barrancas more recently, and with its commitment to low prices, which has allowed it to reach the million customers.

However, it is not only the commercial success that has put this company on everyone’s lips, but the expiration in April of its wholesale network contract with Vodafonethat is, the commercial agreement through which they use the British operator’s mobile and fiber network to provide their services.

“We are negotiating with everyone,” the company’s CEO says in a press conference. Oscar the Wildwhich ensures that the group budgets reach three million customers in 2028with an investment in networks of 700 million euros in that period. 700 million euros, which will also go practically completely to the profitability of the operator that houses the Finetwork on your network.

The loss of the wholesale contract would be a setback for the investment fundwhich, if the purchase of Vodafone Spain is completed, would take control of operations precisely in the first quarter of 2024. Among the business keys contributed by Zegona To revive the company, it is necessary to be more active in the wholesale market, especially in the mobile networks, to equate the weight of this income, which is currently 4%, to that of Orange y Telefónicawhere it is closer to 20%.

The retention of Finetwork by Vodafone is complicated because one of Vilda’s requirements is that the contract gives you access to a fiber optic network of between 15 and 20 million real estate unitss, figures that are closer to those that Orange and Telefónica can provide than to those of Vodafone, which has just under 3 million fiber optic units and 10 million homes reached with copper cable. Therefore, renewal with the British operator would depend on there being no exclusivity and allowing Finetwork reach other agreements to access fiber optic networks.

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