Finishwoman Charvatova did not manage the fight for sixth place. The relay was dominated by the French

The seventh place in the finish brought the Czech Republic a solid portion of points in the evaluation of the Nations Cup, which is decisive for the number of qualified competitors at the Beijing Olympics and it seems that the national team could actually go there at five.

Jessica Jislová, who started the relay, blasted both items without using a spare charge and kept pace with the top of the runner, so after the second stop she left the third shooting range with a gap of only two seconds to Russia and Italy. She remained in close contact with them until the handover. “I had excellent skis, no one missed me and the goal that was, was absolutely fulfilled,” said Jislová.

Puskarčíková had a problem in the second section when lying down, where she needed all three spare ammunition to clean the target. She let the top of the relay race pass and she was also slower on the skis against the busy competition, which meant that the ninth arrived at the second stop at the shooting range. But the stand was quite wild, Norway and Italy had to go after the penalty round. Sweden even circled twice.

Only the French and Belarusians remained in the front without the need to recharge, the thirds were Germans with a gap of 46 seconds, the Norwegians and Russians ran a quarter of a minute back. The Czech quartet Puskarčíková returned to the fight for sixth place, when she managed the second item for five shots. “The stand was great, but I’m sorry about the bed, I spent a lot of time there and it was hard to recharge with my frozen fingers,” she said.

Markéta Davidová was one of the fastest runners in the third section, which moved the national team to fifth place for a while at the expense of Russia, but even before the second shooting item, Elvira Öbergová, who literally flew, came in front of her.

The best of the Czech women got into trouble during the handstand when she had to recharge twice. “I did my best. But the shooting could have been a hair better to make a slightly bigger pillow for Lůca, “said David, the 6th-place forward.

Among the individuals, the hitherto insignificant Simon significantly strengthened the French leadership with a great performance, so that the finisher Braisaz-Bouchet had a minute lead. And she guarded the championship without difficulty.

The Belarusians held the silver position and Hanna, the older of the Öberg sisters, had to reflect the attack of Saturday’s fighter Röiseland in the end. In the end, she kept Norka two tenths behind her.

The last member of the Czech relay, Lucie Charvátová, held the sixth place until the final shooting item, unfortunately she did not avoid the penalty round while standing, and that took her enough strength to finish against the Italian Carrarová, who won the sixth place for her country.

Biathlon World Cup – Women’s 4×6 km Relay in Östersund:
1. France (Bescond, Chevalier-Bouchet, Simon, Braisaz-Bouchet) 1: 10.30.3 (0 + 4)
2. Belarus (Leščankovová, Alimbekovová, Kručinkinová, Solaová) +57.9 (0 + 6)
3. Sweden (Persson, Brorsson, E. Öberg, H. Öberg) +1: 09.6 (2 + 11)
4. Norway (Kalkenberg, Eckhoff, Tandrevold, Röiseland) +1: 09.8 (1 + 7)
5. Germany (Voigt, Herrmann, Hettich, Preuss) +1: 26.8 (0 + 4)
6. Italy (Vitozzi, Wierer, Comola, Carrara) +2: 58.3 (1 + 10)
7. Czechia (Jislová, Puskarčíková, Davidová, Charvátová) +2: 59.0 (1 + 10)
8. Russia (Rezcovova, Kuklinova, Mironova, Nigmatullinova) +3: 10.6 (0 + 10)


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