Finistère: four members of the same family found dead in their home – Le Figaro


The bodies of the couple in their forties and their two children, aged six and ten, were found on Friday at their home in Guiclan, near Morlaix. The hypothesis of "family drama" is privileged.

A whole family was found dead in their home in Guiclan, near Morlaix, Finistere. The two children were discovered "in their room" on the floor by the firemen, the mother "in the married room" on the ground floor. As for her husband, her remains were "in the bathroom, in the bathtub", the public prosecutor of Brest, Jean-Philippe Recapé, told a press conference. According to the Telegram, the alarm was given by the employer of this mother, worried about not seeing her come to work. His two sons did not attend school on Thursday or Friday. "This is a couple of forty years" and "their two young children, 6 and 10 years" at CP and CM2 school, said the mayor of Guiclan, Raymond Mercier, to AFP.

"The most probable hypothesis is that of a family drama" because "the house was closed and the keys were inside"

The Procurator of the Republic of Brest, Jean-Philippe Recapped

If no suspicion was identified, the prosecutor indicated that the father was "followed" and had a "psychiatric history". In any case, "the most probable hypothesis is that of a family tragedy" because "the house was closed and the keys were inside," said the magistrate. The research brigade Plourin-les-Morlaix is ​​responsible for the investigation. According to the information of Ouest-France, the gendarmes evoke for the moment a "violent death, with the weapon".

The family has lived "for a few years" in this small city of 2000 inhabitants, declared the mayor of Guiclan Raymond Mercier to the AFP. "We saw them little, just in the party district," said a neighbor Ouest-France. However, according to the regional newspaper, the family, which had a large garden, engaged in permaculture and opened its doors to the public in June 2017. According to the same source, the tragedy could have taken place on Wednesday or Thursday.



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