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Updated on 05/19/2022 02:22 pm

Fiorella Retiz decided to start from scratch after being cataloged as the “Amante” de Aldo Miyashiro by users on social networks. Her life began to collapse from that April 19, when the program “Magaly TV La Firme” broadcast the reporter’s passionate kiss with “Chino”, in the apartment of Óscar del Portal.

MIRA: Fiorella Retiz ‘throws’ reporters and Magaly shoots: “what did I expect, that her pichangas would last a lifetime”

From that date, Fiorella Retiz would have put an end to any relationship with Erika Villalobos’s husband.

The young mother did not want to offer any interview after the ampay, and less to make her defense in the face of everything that has been said about her. Fiorella – apparently – he also lost his job, as he no longer participates in any of Miyashiro’s projects.

Exactly, a month after the ampaythe reporter deleted all her posts on Instagram and posted a new one: a photo of the sunset, facing the sea.

Fiorella shared a thoughtful message: “Look at this beauty, she deserved to be photographed, I think it’s a nice way to start”.

Fiorella Retiz: “women are always the most affected”

Some days ago, Fiorella Retiz He briefly declared for the program “Amor y Fuego”, where he could not avoid being consulted about the ampay who starred with Aldo Miyashiro.

“I’m in some kind of treatment”, she answered, while being consulted about the difficult situation she would be going through, because she is also a mother. “Yes, well, the woman is always the one who is most affected…”, he added with a broken voice.


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