Fire in Münzkirchen: 120 firefighters on duty

At 7.15 p.m., the five fire departments from Münzkirchen were alerted to a house fire in the village of Ficht. According to Markus Furtner from the district fire brigade command, a fire broke out in the roof area of ​​a single-family house.

Due to the strong smoke development, operations manager Thomas Strasser immediately triggered alarm level two, further fire departments were alerted and hurried to Münzkirchen.

Fortunately, the housemate was already in front of the building when the emergency services arrived. The woman informed the head of operations that there were no more people in the building, but there were still two cats in the house.

Rescued cats

An external and internal attack under respiratory protection was started immediately via the first tank fire engine. The firefighters saved the two cats.

Seven respiratory protection teams with four pipes started fire fighting inside and outside and were able to control the fire after half an hour. According to Markus Furtner, twelve fire departments with 120 emergency services were deployed. To make fire fighting even more difficult, a photovoltaic system and a solar system were installed on the roof.

Cause of fire

The fire was caused by heat build-up on the frame of the solar panels of the solar system, which caused a smoldering fire on the wooden structure.


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