Fire Ticker Notre-Dame: Battle for main towers – main ship completely destroyed


The state of affairs in a nutshell:

  • Fire in Notre-Dame breaks out at 18.50 clock
  • Roof of the cathedral collapsed
  • Pinnacle broken off
  • Main ship probably burns out completely
  • Firefighters fight for main towers of the cathedral
  • In case of fire no visitors in Notre-Dame
  • Residents of the Ile de la Cité brought to safety
  • Renovation work possible cause of fire

+++ 22:43: Newspaper “Libération” will be published tomorrow with Cover Picture “Notre Drame” +++

The magazine “Libération” will be published tomorrow with a cover picture that summarizes in two words the emotional world of the Parisians and the French in the face of the devastating fire in Notre-Dame: “Notre Drame – Our Drama”:

+++ 22:37: Steinmeier still hopes to receive as much of Notre-Dame +++

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier reacted with “grief and horror” to the fire in Notre-Dame. “My thoughts are with our French friends,” he wrote on Facebook and Instagram. “We hope that as many parts of the rich cultural heritage as possible can be preserved and remember all the forces that hopefully remain unharmed in their important and selfless work.” The world-famous Gothic church building was built in the years 1163 to 1345 and is a World Heritage Site.

+++ 22:31: Parisians sing for their Notre-Dame +++

The inhabitants of the city flock to the vicinity of the cathedral. Witnesses say it looks like a goodbye.

+++ 22:20: Fire is on – fire fears for main towers +++

The Paris Fire Brigade continues to be concerned about the main towers of Notre-Dame. Efforts are focused on preventing the fire from spreading to the massive structures. The reddish firelight illuminates the ruins of the cathedral. There are still no statements as to whether the outer walls and the Gothic arches, which are still standing, will withstand the fire.

+++ 22:05: French Prime Minister praises the use of firefighters +++

The French Prime Minister has made a determined decision to fight the flames in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. “Our sadness is indescribable, but we are still fighting, firefighters fighting heroically against the fire this evening,” Édouard Philippe wrote on Twitter.

+++ 21.55 clock: consternation in the Vatican +++

The Vatican reacted with dismay to the devastating fire in Notre-Dame. “The Holy See has received with shock and sadness the news of the terrible fire that devastated the cathedral of Notre-Dame, a symbol of Christendom in France and the world,” said Pope Speaker Alessandro Gisotti. “We express the closeness to the French Catholics and the inhabitants of Paris and our prayers to the firefighters and those who do everything possible to cope with this dramatic situation.”

+++ 21:43: Fire Department: Fire could spread to towers +++

Round 400 firefighters are currently deployed at the Notre Dame. As you can hear, they try to protect the vault of the cathedral and especially the two main towers from the spread of the flames. The north tower, however, seems to be attacked by the fire. According to a spokesman for the Paris Fire Brigade, the next hour and a half will be crucial to ensuring that the main towers are in danger. A spread of the flames on the towers can not currently be ruled out. “It's a difficult fire,” said a fire department spokesman.

+++ 21.24 clock: extinguishing from the air would have been ineffective +++

Even while the cathedral is burning, the discussion about the actions of the fire department is already underway. Meanwhile, experts say that airborne fire extinguishers, which many observers had expected, would have done little to help; possibly even increased the damage. This discussion is likely to continue in the coming days. The fire is currently going on for around two and a half hours.

+++ 21:21: Cologne cathedral provost feels with French Catholics +++

The Cologne cathedral provost Gerd Bachner was shocked by the fire of Notre-Dame. “It's really shattering to see these pictures, it's terrible to see them,” said Bachner on the evening of the German Press Agency. “We are in thoughts with the Catholics and all the French and grieve with them.” The risk of fire for the Cologne Cathedral is much lower, since his attic was built in the 19th century and not of wood, but of steel. That was also the reason why the cathedral survived the bombing of the Second World War.

+++ 21:19: Location of the Ile de la Cité and Notre-Dame in the middle of Paris +++

Ile de la Cite with Notre Dame

The Ile de la Cité with Notre-Dame in the Seine in the middle of Paris

+++ 21.07 Clock: Firefighters focus on protection of the main towers +++

Currently, firefighters on extended platforms near the walls of the main towers are trying to keep the flames away from the two intact components. Meanwhile, the main ship continues to hit high flames. The main towers are in the reflection of the fire.

+++ 21:06: Île de la Cité completely evacuated +++

The Île de la Cité, on which the Notre Dame stands, has since been completely evacuated. There live about 1000 people who have since been housed in shelters, it is said.

+++ 21.01 clock: incomprehension for action by the fire department +++

It already seems clear that the Paris Fire Department will have to explain itself tomorrow. It is puzzled to ask why firefighters did not rush out of the air against the fire. From the outside, it seemed as if the fire had raged almost unhindered for an hour in the gothic building of world renown. However, nobody can judge the deployment situation at the moment.

+++ 8:54 pm: Fire department concentrates on saving still standing parts of the cathedral +++

The fire department of Paris holds back with official statements. From the Twitter account, a humorous tweet has been deleted with reference to the TV series “Game of Thrones”. However, the pompiers hardly seem to arrive against the fire in the nave. First pictures now show flames in one of the massive main towers. The cultural-historical damage that fire has already caused is hardly predictable.

+++ 20.51 clock: Police: no act of terrorism – no more visitors in the cathedral +++

At the time of the fire in Notre-Dame, the police initially do not assume a terrorist background. That said a spokesman for the police. He did not specify further details. Officials also said that at the time of the fire's outbreak, apparently no visitors had been in the cathedral. Accordingly, according to current findings in the disaster should not have come to harm people.

+++ 20:46: Fire blazes up – main ship burns brightly +++

The fire is now rebuilt. The interior of the main nave of the cathedral is burning brightly. A spokesman for Notre-Dame has already confirmed that the roof structures, part of the 13th century, has been completely destroyed. It does not look like the fire department could control the fire at the moment.

+++ 8:42 pm: scaffolding is burning – flames near the main towers +++

Flames continue to blaze in the rubble of the nave of Notre-Dame, the reflection of which can be seen on the inner walls of the main towers. Currently, the large scaffolding for the renovation works flames. The fire is far from being contained.

+++ 20.40 clock: government spokesman Seibert: “Terrible pictures hurt” +++

+++ 8:33 pm: Fire not contained – main towers not yet affected +++

The fire seems to be contained in parts, but it is far from extinguished. At least the smoke does not rise so close to the sky. The two main towers of the cathedral seem unaffected at the moment. The main ship is likely to have been massively damaged.

+++ 20:28: Paris in mourning for its cathedral +++

Many onlookers watch the fire in Notre-Dame shocked and moved. Many have tears in their eyes. President Macron also arrived at the fire on the Seine in the heart of Paris. “The whole nation feels,” he says.

+++ 20:21: Media speculation about renovations as a cause of fire +++

Furthermore, the cause of the fire is unclear. Several French media, including “Le Figaro”, report the fire may have been triggered by renovations. Parts of the structure are surrounded by a wooden scaffolding, which is also in flames. Firefighters approach the fires via the paths in and around the cathedral.

+++ 8:18 pm: First pictures show fire brigade in action +++

In the meantime it can be seen that firefighters are working on the cathedral. However, Notre-Dame has been burning for a full hour. The damage to the world famous landmark of the French capital is already immense.

+++ 8:13 pm: Middle pinnacle collapsed +++

The Gothic pinnacle of the flaming Paris Cathedral Notre-Dame has collapsed. This was a smaller tower in the middle of the roof of the nave. Black smoke escapes from the two large towers of the cathedral, reports a DPA reporter.

+++ 20:02: Macron shifts important address on the state of the nation +++

French President Emmanuel Macron has postponed an important televised speech about the fire in Notre-Dame. This confirmed the Élysée Palace in the evening shortly before the originally scheduled broadcast date. When Macron wants to hold the speech on the results of a months-long civil debate now, was initially open.

+++ 8:01 pm: Donald Trump responds to news from Paris +++

The news of the terrible fire in Notre-Dame has already gone around the globe. US President Donald Trump tweets: “It's awful to see this massive fire in Notre Dame”.

+++ 19.58 clock: roof of the cathedral collapsed +++

The attic of the main nave of the cathedral has apparently become a robbery of flames. So far, it can not be seen that the fire department can get to the source of the fire. It is already clear that the world-famous church will be largely destroyed.

+++ 19.53 clock: Brand spreads +++

On TV pictures you can see how the fire spreads at the moment. Large parts of the roof of the main nave of the cathedral are already in flames. The cloud of smoke that stands over the city can be seen from afar. To what extent the fire brigade can approach the source of the fire is currently unclear.

+++ 19:47: Mayor of Paris speaks of a “terrible fire” +++

The Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo spoke on Twitter of a “terrible fire”. The fire department is trying to bring the fire under control. On pictures you could see how the attic was burning around a scaffolding.

+++ 19:17 Fire broke out in the Paris Cathedral Notre-Dame +++

A fire broke out in the world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. This was announced by the fire department in the French capital in the evening. On pictures in online networks flames were seen, which hit from the roof; Clouds of smoke rose. Eyewitnesses report that the fire spreads in the tourist attraction from the 12th century on. The fire brigade is in action with a large contingent. Whether there are injured, is not yet estimable at the moment. According to information from the French news agency AFP, the fire could be related to renovations. He had broken out in the attic of the cathedral and was discovered around 18:50, it said

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