Fire Torre dei Moro, the facade made of Alucobond: that’s what it is – Chronicle

The panels destroyed by the flames

Milan – The confirmation came from the administrator of the Torre dei Moro, the building in via Antonini devastated by the maxi fire: the facade of the building was composed of Alucobond, a material consisting of aluminum sheets.

Alucobond, what is it?

Alucobond it’s a panel composite made up from two external sheets of aluminum and a core of hardly flammable or fireproof mineral substances, guarantees sustainable quality and meets the highest artistic requirements. It also combines the characteristics of the building a low energy consumption, economic profitability and architectural quality. Alucobond is particularly suitable for the cladding of facades, without distinction of destination, from the projects of residential construction from smaller entities to large industrial and commercial complexes. The thicknesses available are from 4 and 6 millimeters to meet the needs of the most varied sectors in addition to construction, from nautical to automotive.

Engineers: “Aaluminum fireproof. Strange that the building is like this “


Among the features there is also the great resistance to atmospheric agents and ultraviolet rays. The panel can be made with any curvature, in order to adapt to any kind of building, and with the maximum possibility of choice in terms of finishes and colors.


Alucobond faces all kinds of processing (sawing, milling, chamfering, bending) and the panels are perfectly eco-sustainable, since at no stage of their life they emit substances that are harmful to the environment. When they reach the end of their life cycle they can be entirely recycled and their components reintroduced into the material cycle.

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