Firefighters search after major collapse at Praia Formosa — DNOTICIAS.PT

A large-scale collapse took place just moments ago at Praia Formosa, near the Orca Praia hotel, in the Santa Rita area, in the western part of Funchal, which will have reached the seafront promenade.

Firefighters Sapadores in Funchal were mobilized for the location, including a heavy extrication vehicle, ambulances and a search and rescue team, confirmed the DIÁRIO with Bombeiros Sapadores in Funchal.

Relief resources from the Portuguese Red Cross were also deployed to the site, with three ambulances, PSP and Maritime Police resources.

At this time, it is not known whether the collapse affected people, but this is a scenario that the authorities are considering, as the ‘promenade’ is a popular leisure space for walking.

This is a subject that the DIARY will continue to monitor.


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