Fires in California: Kim Kardashian and her sisters evacuated, hit by Caitlyn


The other mother of the clan, Kourtney Kardashian, shared an aerial photo showing the flames near her home in Story Instagram: "It's so devastating and crazy. My house is in this street."Although she is in Baltimore, to attend one of her partner's concerts, Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner is also worried about her home:"The fire is so close to my home. Hoping that everyone is fineshe wrote Thanks to all the brave fire fighters who fight this fire".

Caitlyn Jenner evacuated her home in Malibu on Friday. He grabbed his Instagram account with his alleged girlfriend Sophia Hutchins to reassure her fans: "Hey! Here is Caitlyn and Sophia! Well, we're safe. We do not know if the house has survived or not".

According to AFP, nine people died in this dramatic fire that has been raging since Thursday in California, where a state of emergency has been declared. With several homes spread across the area, this fire has become the most destructive ever recorded in California. It has devoured around 6,700 facilities and over 280 km². It's only 5% under control, the California Fire Department said Friday night.


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