First 3D-printed rocket launched, engine failure causes problems | Tech

The American aerospace company Relativity Space launched its first 3D-printed rocket on Thursday morning. Due to an engine failure, the Terran 1 rocket did not exceed 16 kilometers. Nevertheless, the company calls the mission a success, reports the news agency Reuters.

The second rocket stage had to ignite at an altitude of 80 kilometers. That seemed to happen, but in the end the engine didn’t provide enough thrust. As a result, the attempt to launch the Terran 1 rocket into orbit failed.

Still, Relativity Space is happy with the results of the test launch. During launch, the spacecraft was subjected to extreme forces. The rocket withstood those forces well.

At 35 meters long, the Terran 1 rocket is almost as tall as a 12-story apartment building. The spacecraft consists of 85 percent parts made with 3D printers.

“While we didn’t quite make it today, we’ve gathered enough data to prove that flying 3D-printed rockets is possible,” Relativity Space test leader Arwa Tizani Kelly said during a live stream.

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