First child born using a transplanted uterus of a dead woman while the British surgeons are preparing for the operation in the UK –


TThe first child was born using the uterus transplanted from a dead woman, and British doctors say they are planning to replicate the procedure in the UK.

A team in Brazil transplanted the uterus from a 45-year-old woman who died in an infertile 32-year-old son who later had a healthy baby.

Infertility affects one in seven people in Britain, and while some problems can be solved through in vitro fertilization, most women with uterine problems have no alternative but adoption or surrogate motherhood .

The first uterus transplant child was born in Sweden in 2013, using the grandma's uterus, and since then there have been 10 other births globally. But donors are hard to find and the surgical procedure to remove …



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