First glimpse of the new catamaran in Kristiansand

The inhabitants of Kristiansand should today, 4 May, have the opportunity to greet Fjord Line’s new catamaran, Fjord FSTR, for the very first time. But the trip over from Hirtshals in Denmark was canceled, the shipping company reports in a press release.

Strict entry rules to Norway mean that Fjord Line can not yet set a final date for the start of the ordinary route with Fjord FSTR between Kristiansand and Hirtshals.

– The reason for the postponement is stated by the captain on board to be very disappointing weather reports. The weather forecasts indicate that it will be unfavorable to conduct testing of ships and adaptations to the quay and ramp in the next 24 hours, the report states.

Fjord Line apologizes to those who had looked forward to taking a closer look at the new catamaran, but will at the same time emphasize the chance that will arise soon.

Delayed tour

The reason for the visit is testing of the port and adaptations to the quay and ramp.

Due to infection control rules and strict quarantine requirements, there is unfortunately no opportunity for either guests or pressure to board the ship. However, at a later and clearly announced time, Fjord Line will hold an official event in connection with baptism and as soon as the coronary restrictions cease, Fjord Line will invite interested parties on board for a guided tour.


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