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The 2022 Budget Law introduced the extension and refinanced with another 242 million euros on first home bonus for young people under 36 years already foreseen in the Sostegni bis decree last summer. But how to access the first home bonus for young people who want to turn on a mutual, how much can you save and which requisiti must you have? Let’s see it together.

How does it work

With the first home loan bonus for young people under the age of 36, the State gives access to the guarantee on 80 per cent of the capital share of the mortgage needed to buy a house. In this way, the State replaces other guarantors even if the applicant is not a person with a permanent contract, facilitating banks to grant loans otherwise considered “at risk”. Furthermore, according to the provisions of the legislation i rates applied to the mortgage with requirements to access the bonus, they cannot have rates higher than the TEGM published quarterly by the Mef.

Tax concessions

In addition to the state mortgage guarantee, the First home bonus for young people under 36 provides for others tax breaks Which:

  • registration tax free (instead of 2 percent of the cadastral value)
  • mortgage and land registry tax free (instead of 50 euros each)
  • 4 percent VAT if you buy home from the builder it gets tax credit
  • Exemption fromsubstitute tax of 0.25 per cent on the financing for the purchase, construction or renovation of the first home property with requirements for access to the first home bonus for young people under 36.

First home bonus for young people, what are the requirements

As required by the Sostegni bis Decree, the first home bonus for those up to 36 years with details requirements provides that those who have bought a house between 24 June 2021 and 31 December 2022 will be able to benefit from particularly favorable conditions.

In order to access, it will be necessary to demonstrate:

  • to be born from 1986 (included) onwards;
  • to have Isee less than 40 thousand euros yearly;
  • of having to take out a mortgage of no more than 250 thousand euros
  • that the house purchased will be used as a main residence and not be stacked as a luxury home

On the other hand, it will not be necessary to have a permanent contract, since the state guarantee is also accessible to the self-employed and precarious, provided they meet the aforementioned requirements.

First home bonus for auction properties

The home bonus for young people under 36 it can also be requested if you want to buy at auction the first house, as explained by the Inland Revenue on 13 December 2021 with the response to question no. 808. Also in this case, the concessions are applied to the taxes relating to the registration of the transfer decree, as well as in the other cases provided for.

First home bonus for young people under 36, how to get it

Per get the first home bonus under 36 click on the “Family and Youth” category on the Consap website homepage, select “Fondo prima casa” and then “To access the Fund with an 80% guarantee”. At this point you can download the necessary form to be returned filled in at the bank counter, together with Isee and an identity document.

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