First investiture in democracy with Congress armored against the clamor of the street

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This Wednesday, Pedro Sánchez faces the debate on his investiture in a Congress shielded from the clamor of the citizens. Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards demonstrated throughout the country last Sunday against a candidate who will become president of the Government after having achieved the essential support of the parties that fight the unity of the State and deny the Constitution, in exchange for agree with them on an amnesty law that whitewashes and erases their crimes. The socialist candidate will win in the Chamber but will not convince on the street. In the Chamber he will achieve the support of 179 deputies, four above the absolute majority, but beyond its walls a good part of the citizens reject a mandate that was born marked by the exchange of concessions and impunity for those who tried to break what belongs to everyone in exchange for a handful of votes. Never in democratic history has the baptism of a president sparked so much controversy and division.

An extreme polarization that today will star in the debate in a Congress fractured by its spine. Just eight seats mark the advantage of one bloc over the other. The one led by the socialist candidate supported by the crutch of Sumar, which brings together the minority pro-independence and nationalist forces -ERC, Junts, Bildu, PNV, BNG and CC-, a “transversal pact”, in the opinion of the PSOE, and a ” new frankenstein”, in the words of the PP, and headed by the popular Alberto Núñez Feijóo, leader of the first party in the Chamber, supported by the extreme right of Vox and by the only deputy of the Navarro People’s Union, will face each other today in a “bronco” investiture debate, as everyone admits, without spaces for the understanding.

Pedro Sánchez will defend his candidacy with the argument that the result of the elections of the 23-J It is clear without a doubt that the Spanish want a new progressive coalition government under their leadership that will build a wall against the right.

His rival, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, will combat this reasoning by emphasizing that the Spanish, and mainly left-wing voters, went to the polls trusting in a politician who barely took 24 hours to betray his word and focus all his efforts on “getting at any cost and at any cost to stay in power.

He popular He will thus pride himself on defending in this situation the same thing that he bet on in the electoral campaign and in his own investiture debate and will hammer home the idea that it is “immoral” to give in to “blackmail of the State” for the personal interest of accessing to a position. Feijóo will openly accuse Sánchez of having committed “electoral fraud” by having appeared before the Spaniards promising exactly what he has then rushed to fail to fulfill. And he will predictably show that even in the ranks of the PSOE itself there are very prominent voices that openly disagree with his strategy.

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