First litmus test for the winner of the Venezuelan primaries, María Corina Machado

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Not a week has passed since the historic milestone of the Venezuelan primaries when the great winner of those elections, María Corina Machado, established as leader of the opposition, faces her first great test. Tarek William Saab, a Chavista prosecutor, has summoned for this Monday, as investigators, the organizers of the elections, nearly fifty jurists and professors responsible for the self-managed democratic feat. To the head Jesus Maria Casalpresident of the National Primary Commission (CNP) and right-wing dean of the Andrés Bello Catholic University, today converted into a popular hero.

Among those persecuted by the revolution are also Mildred Camero, vice president of the CNP, and Roberto Abdul, director of the Súmate organization, which provided technical assistance to the process. The heads of the different regional boards will appear alongside them.

The accusation orchestrated by the revolutionary Public Ministry weighs against all of them, which seeks to accuse them of crimes of usurpation of functions, identity theft, money laundering and association to commit a crime.

“As soon as (the summons) arrives, I’ll go,” Camero responded after hearing the news.

The chavista attack to try to mitigate the political phenomenon born after last Sunday’s citizen feat immediately provoked national and international solidarity with these jurists. Members of civil society have called to accompany those investigated before the Prosecutor’s Office. At the moment it is not public what strategy Machado will adopt, who received her credential as the winner of the primaries last Thursday from the CNP.

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