first municipal council of Bianchi bis, external deputy mayor and slogan of union without parochialism

With the first municipal council of Montalto Carpasio the mayor’s second term kicks off Mariano Bianchi. As per practice, the meeting provides for the validation of those elected in compliance with the eligibility criterion, the appointment of the junta and the assignment of proxies, of the representatives of the Unione delle Valli Argentina and Armea.

The interviews

Valerio Verda returns as external councilor

A novelty is undoubtedly the presence of an external assessor. Valerio Verda returns to administration despite not having been a candidate. He has been appointed as external assessor. He will not receive charity payments for his choice and as unelected he will not be able to vote in the city council.

The new city council

In the city council we find two groups but no opposition. The other list represented by the candidate for mayor Angelo Canobbio, was born in support of Mariano Bianchi and enters with 3 seats.

Here is the composition:

United for Montalto Carpasio (Mariano Bianchi)

The Union (Angelo Canobbio)

The junta and the delegations

The junta moves in continuity with what was seen in Bianchi’s previous mandate. green externally assumes the position of deputy mayor and the delegations to trade, environment, territory and hamlets. Antonella Bignone he is the other councilor with powers to social services, education, culture and tourism. The councilors will be able to support the councilors in support of specific delegations.

No, to the parochialism between Montalto and Carpasio

“We confirm what we have seen in the previous 5 years, we will continue in continuity – underlines the mayor Mariano Bianchi – I hope to have collaboration, because I respect the people who entered the second list. Valerio Verda will be an added value, a point of reference for me and for all the other directors. He knows the territory, the problems, the people. It seemed due to me and I asked him for a sacrifice”.

“No opposition – Canobbio reiterates – the junta worked more than well for us. It remains to make the inhabitants of Carpasio understand that there is no need for parochialism. We want to demonstrate with facts that this is not the case. Someone has confused what it means to merge two countries into one and what advantages this means for our municipality”.

We are one country – confirms Bianchi – Already in the last administration I divided the investments equally, without any distinction. We want to continue in this perspective and demonstrate that we are a municipality made up of many villages”.

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