First photo of a woman, 33, died in autumn from the eighth floor apartment with her boyfriend


This is the first image of a woman who rushed to her death from the eighth floor of her apartment building in the south of London.

Renata Poncova died together with her boyfriend, Tony Taylor, both 33 years old, at Marchwood Close, Peckham, on November 2nd.

The officers have isolated the area after the accident at 11.45 pm and both have been declared dead on the spot by the paramedics.

The police believe the couple died in "suspicious circumstances" and appealed to the public for more information.

The neighbors said that Mrs. Poncova, an "Eastern Europe," recently lost her job in an apartment agency before her and Mr. Taylor died last Friday.

A flower sanctuary, photos of Mrs. Poncova and candles are now outside the skyscraper, including a tribute from her colleagues in the apartment service she worked for.

Renata Poncova lived with her boyfriend Tony Taylor

Witnesses to the consequences described a "horrendous" scene after the couple landed on the sidewalk a few inches from Southwark, south-east London.

The couple is believed to have been together for six months.

A few hours after the fall, the police made their way into the apartment, where they discovered evidence of a "possible disturbance".

It is said that Mrs. Poncova and Mr. Taylor have had a short relationship and a neighbor has said that he recently moved into his apartment.

She and Mr. Taylor fell from the back of the nine-story skyscraper, where his apartment has several windows that open to the outside.

Images of Renata Poncova on the scene

A tribute left on the scene by colleagues said: "You will always be remembered in our hearts and thoughts, with the love of your colleagues and friends at The Apartment Service".

Another said: "These sad moments will never eclipse the good times we've had. I'll miss you sister."

The police said that the closest relatives were informed and investigations are being conducted to request information on the dead.

A neighbor, who lives on the same floor, said he saw Mrs. Poncova and Mr. Taylor around two o'clock in the afternoon of the day she fell.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said: "They were together at the elevator, they were going up but I was coming down.

The condominium in the south of London from which the couple fell

Tributes left on the scene

"I just saw walking with the dog, we would have met at the elevator, but I have not seen the dog in a long time.

"She looks pretty, we really did not talk about anything, I know she said she lost her job, it was Friday.

"I asked if she was going to work and she said no, but she did not look angry.

"It's a little shocking."

Colleagues paid tribute to the woman

Investigative inspector Phil Coster said, "I appeal to anyone who knows Renata Poncova and Tony Taylor and has had contact with them in the days before their death, to call the police.

"I also need to talk to someone who witnessed the accident or saw something suspicious during the period before his death.

"Home tests and a possible disturbance in the apartment before the fall lead us to believe that there are suspicious circumstances.

"We need witnesses to come forward to help us build a picture of what happened before these deaths." If you know anything, call us. "



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