News First school closed due to suspicion

First school closed due to suspicion

After a suspected Corona case, an elementary school in Vienna with 200 children had to be closed again.

Vienna. Huge excitement in Vienna on Monday morning. A director at a primary school in Vienna-Währing sent all 200 children home because she suspected that one of the teachers had Corona. This had previously reported sick on Saturday. As a concerned mother (name of the editor known) told oe24, the children were intercepted at the entrance to the Antonigasse school campus and sent home.

The mother criticizes the procedure of the Catholic private school against oe24: “There is an obligation to supervise. Parents who have to work expect their children to be supervised and not to walk through Vienna alone.”

The office of the Hacker Health City Council and the Ministry of Education are already switched on. The Ministry says that they are working on emergency plans for such cases.

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First day of school: that’s what people say

School start: This is all new

The corona-related break at home schools lasted nine weeks – just as long as the summer holidays, which are already a few weeks away. Today it is over for the majority of the students: after the school-leaving certificates, the approximately 700,000 students at primary schools, lower secondary schools, new middle schools (NMS) and special schools return to the classroom. The school bell will ring for the remaining 300,000 students on June 3rd.

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Up to 14 percent of the students stay at home

Indeed: If you don’t want to do this because you are worried about a corona infection, you can have your child apologized. According to a survey commissioned by the Ministry of Education from Peter Hajek Public Opinion Strategies, 7% of parents want to do the same. Another 7% of those questioned were undecided before the weekend – 86% will let their children take part in the class.

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School openings: Fassmann on the strict rules

For those kids who are starting out today, there are many new rules that need getting used to in everyday school life:

  • hygiene. A 20-page hygiene manual regulates the requirements down to the smallest detail. For example, a mask must be worn in the school building, which may only be removed at the place in the class. The seat must be at least one meter away from the neighbor. You also have to keep your distance when entering school – after that, hand disinfection is waiting.
  • Mask requirement. Students must wear a mask when entering the school building and may only put it on at their place in the class. There is no obligation to wear a mask during the class, but it is certainly necessary during breaks and when leaving school. The students must bring the masks themselves.
  • Shift operation“. The classes are divided. The plan: three days of tuition for the first group, then two days for the second group – the reverse the week after. The maximum limit per group is 18 students. For each student, this only makes around 15 days of lessons net.

  • Grading. School work no longer takes place during this time, selective performance reviews only in exceptional cases. There is no need to remain seated at the elementary schools this semester. At all other schools you can climb with a five.

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School calendar: the most important dates until the summer holidays

May 18 – School start I: Lessons begin again for lower grades, NMS, elementary schools and special schools.

May 21 – Ascension Day: Some schools open the 22nd – so a long weekend beckons.

May 25 – Matura examination: Start of the written Matura tests. The oral exams are dropped.

May 30 – Pentecost break: Holidays two weeks after school starts – up to and including June 2.

June 3 – School start II: Teaching for upper grades and all other schools begins.

June 11 – Corpus Christi: With a school-autonomous day on June 12th, there is another long weekend in store.

July 3 – Holiday start I: The school ends in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland.

July 10 – Vacation start II: The rest of the country starts the nine-week summer vacation.

Many teachers still take time off on window days!

Despite a long break, some schools do not want to do without school-independent days.

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Free days. Although there are only around 15 days of lessons until the summer holidays, many school principals in Austria insist on bending and breaking on the school autonomous days decided on May 22nd and June 12th in the school forum. AUSTRIA has received a letter from the parents of a Viennese elementary school stating that “the entire team of teachers in distance learning worked up to 80 hours a week”. The maintenance of school-autonomous days is justified by the fact that apparently “many parents want to use these days to drive away after the new loosening up”.

This reasoning causes misunderstanding in parenthood: firstly, after the stressful time of home schooling, many are happy when classes start again, and secondly, only a few think about traveling in times like these.


The 10 most important questions about starting school

1 Do I have to go to school at all?

Basically yes. However, if parents do not want to send their children to school out of concern for their health or their own, they are considered excused.

2 How does shift operation work?

The classes are divided into two. One group has classes from Monday to Wednesday, the other on Thursday and Friday. The next week it is the other way round. The group that is not at school completes “homework days”.

3 What do I do with my child on the “homework days” when I am working?

On these days there is care at the schools, which is taken over by support teachers or recreational educators. Students must be registered for this.

4 What is the timetable like?

The aim is to keep the previous timetable. Gymnastics (except in schools with a focus on sports) is not applicable.

5 When does the class end?

At elementary schools at 12 p.m., at AHS lower levels and NMS at 2 p.m. Regular instruction can also be given in the afternoon at the upper secondary schools.

6 What about all-day school types?

Afternoon classes are also dropped at entangled all-day schools. However, care is offered instead. The same applies to schools with afternoon care.

7 What happens if you suspect corona at school?

The supposedly ill person must be isolated in a separate room. The director alerts the health authorities.

8 How is it judged?

The grade for the grade is based on the half-year report and the work performed until the school closes on March 16.

9 Can you stay seated?

Basically yes. There are, however, special rules: Students can also automatically advance with a five in the certificate. If you have more than five, the teachers’ conference decides on an ascent.

10 When does the school year end?

Regular on July 3 (Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland) and July 10 (rest). Unlike usual, decision-making exams and grading conferences can be held up to two days before school ends.


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