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First Star Wars Battlefront from 2004 has multiplayer again – Gaming – News

The first Star Wars Battlefront, from 2004, has regained its multiplayer mode. That didn’t work since Gamespy was undergoing in 2014. Players can now compete against each other again with up to 32 in a server, even with players who bought the game on GOG.

It is not entirely clear who is behind the update, but the chosen moment is pretty close May the 4th, also known as Star Wars Day. The original developer of this game, Pandemic Studios, closed its doors in 2009. Pandemic parent company Electronic Arts owns the rights to the Battlefront franchise and still releases Battlefront games and content, but the rights to the overarching Star Wars franchise are owned by Disney.

The multiplayer mode is a bit smaller than before: where the original supported 64 players, it is now half. The reason for this is not mentioned in the update notes. Star Wars Battlefront II received the same update in 2017: there was multiplayer back then, again cross platform between GOG and Steam, but with 64 players.


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