First-time aerosol measurement in the choir, singing | choir Association of Austria, 02.06.2020

On behalf of the choir Association of Austria, a Team from the MedUni Vienna examined the extent of the Aerosol and condensed water mission choir members

Vienna (OTS) After more than 11 weeks break, the choirs can have your samples and concert activities since the last Friday resume. The choirs recommendations for responsible Sing, give, commissioned by the choir Association of Austria (ChVÖ) a study by the MedUni Vienna, also for the first time, photographically, it was noted how aerosols spread during the singing in the air.

“International studies do not assume that Singing is more dangerous than Talking,” explains Karl-Gerhard Straßl, President of the choir Association of Austria. “We wanted to make with this Experiment, even a picture of the Aerosol emissions and therefore the potential risk to the Sing, with and without a mask,” adds Straßl.

Experimental arrangement

For the investigation of the choir Association of Austria invited both semi-professional choir singers of the Wiener singakademie (Director: Heinz Ferlesch) as well as choir singers from the Wiener sängerknaben, round (conductor: Karl-Gerhard Straßl) for the Amateur, who sang without a mask, with mouth and nose protection, and face visor (“Face Shield”).

Ao Univ.-Prof. Dr. Fritz Sterz, Performing Arts Medicine, Physician, head of the investigation, and Deputy Director of the University clinic for emergency medicine at the General hospital of the city of Vienna, notes in his report that the quiet, of standard and Inhalation, as well as Singing, of whatever kind, an aerosol cloud of 0.5 Meter around the head area of distributed – remained unchanged. “The expansion, especially to the front (…) – extended up to a maximum of 0.9 metres, in the case of certain Singing techniques, however, with increased vortex formation. Of course, it could be restricted mainly through the mouth, nose protection mask, of any kind, the extent of this cloud is significantly,“ says Professor Sterz more in his report.

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In the result, Sterz, emphasizes: “extending the exhalation air in the case of a choir singer is not to be expected of more than 1 Meter! Deep A – and, above all, the Exhale should be avoided and the Wearing of a mouth-nose mask to be considered at the time of exercise of the Profession.“

ChVÖ-President Karl-Gerhard Straßl is pleased about the positive results: “Our initial investigation shows in word and image, that of the Aerosol emissions is similar to when you Sing that when you Speak. I’m surprised that the one-way mouth-nose mask also causes while Singing a significant reduction in the spread of the Aerosol emissions. Important is the compliance with the distance we now recommend 1.5 meters is, therefore, in Singing, and an effective Airing of the rehearsal rooms. Thus, there is a green light also from our side for the choirs, because Singing is healthy!“

On the Basis of these results, the choir Association of Austria developed valuable recommendations for Chairpersons, Choir Directors and choir singers, to help them resume their musical activities.

Sources and further information:

“Investigation and photographic documentation of Aerosol and condensed water mission choir-members” of the Medical University of Vienna on behalf of the choir Association of Austria from 27. May 2020:
“Recommendations of the choir Association of Austria for the activities of the choirs from 29. May 2020 available at:

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