First time in Thailand! “V-Festa”, the gathering of VTuber in JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2022

welcome the new era with the largest Japanese exhibition in Asia “JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2022” that will take you into the digital world together For the first time, you’ll meet some of Thailand’s top VTubers in person, with special, hard-hitting activities! It’s full!! in “V-Festa” organized by the company SHIN-A Service Leading Game Marketing Specialist in Thailand with the company Guardian Angel Ai The owner of Aisha, the VTuber character with the most followers in Thailand.

“V-Festa” An event that brings together the most VTubers (VTubers) in Thailand, such as Aisha Channel, Polygon Project, Pixela Project, MyHolo TV and many more VTuber, both in Thailand and abroad. VTuber lovers should not miss this event.

Activities in the V-Festa event. If you don’t come, you’re missing out!

just walk into the booth Guarantee that you will definitely get the prizes on hand to take home. Because there are different zones to join in the fun! whether

► VTuber Cafe
– Cafe zone with special drinks created according to the uniqueness of 10 VTuber people.

– Get it for free! Special Genshin Impact HoYofest patterned coasters when purchasing any beverage. Only for this work There is a limited amount!

► Fan Meeting with Virtual Idol with the most followers in Thailand
– Meet the real, real voice of Aisha VTuber girl with over 700,000 online followers, this time we will bring everyone to meet her in the virtual world of Aisha with VR technology and real-time interaction.

► Special Zone Sponsored by Genshin Impact & Honkai Impact 3
– Join in the fun activities Get a free gift! Sponsored by Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd, anyone who is a fan of both of these games is a definite must-see!

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► Gacha Spin
– Test your good fortune 2022 with a random gacha for a chance to win prizes as items from V-Festa and Genshin Impact before anyone else. This kind of opportunity is only available for this event.

► Magic Wall
– The most spectacular Highlight! with Magic Wall with VTuber taking turns to greet everyone and interact in real-time as well

► VTuber Display
– A photo spot with VTuber girls from both Pixela Project and Polygon Project

► Exclusive auctions
– Plus a special auction event that can’t be found anywhere else Open the auction every day before the end of the event.

Aisha : Grouppa! There are so many activities like this. Vtuber lovers don’t miss it. Come and meet Aisha and VTuber friends at V-Festa this 21-23 January only. See you~

V-Festa event information in JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2022
???? Date 21 – 23 January 2022

???? Venue : centralwOrld, Zone Eden 2, 2nd floor (next to BTS Skywalk entrance)

Stay tuned for more details via the V-Festa fan page.

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