Fisker unveils (a small) electric vehicle for less than $ 40,000


While Tesla has just introduced a compact electric SUV Tesla Model Y whose base price will reach $ 39,000, Fisker Automotive intends to do the same and unveil its compact all-electric SUV also promising a rate of less than $ 40,000.

Henrik Fisker was teased last week about this new model in the manner of Tesla that vaguely shows a detail of his vehicle that turns out a little more now.


Without giving specific details on the characteristics, the vehicle should be able to offer a range of 480 kilometers thanks to a battery of 80 kWh (with variants that offer even more) and the choice between one or two electric motors.

The Fisker vehicle will be able to semi-autonomous guide and should offer a head-up display for on-board information transmitted directly to the windshield.

This vehicle in principle designed for the mass market (but with what production capacity) must be produced by the second half of 2021. Henrik Fisker believes so much that he now puts it ahead of his first high-end model, the Fisker EMotion, which will be available only after the launch of the compact SUV.



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