Fitbit presented its Ionic, Versa and Charge 3 smart watches in Argentina


The Fitbit Ionic sports watch

announced the official launch of its line in Argentina

smart watches
and Ionic, Versa and Charge 3 sports bracelets, each focusing on different styles of physical activity training and monitoring.

Fitbit Ionic is the reference smart watch of the company, which has an aluminum frame design, a Gorilla Glass 3 touch screen with a brightness of 1000 nit and eight sensors. It also has an integrated GPS, a heart rate sensor and can be immersed up to 50 meters deep. It has Bluetooth connectivity to connect a wireless headset and access the 300 tracks that the smartwach can store. It has an autonomy of use of more than four days and up to 10 hours with the use of GPS. With interchangeable bracelets and a special edition developed together with Adidas, Fitbit Ionic is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices. It will have a price of 16,999 pesos.

A Fitbit Versa
A Fitbit Versa

With a design closer to a watch for everyday use (and the clear influence of Pebble, the pioneer of smart watches that is
part of Fitbit since 2016), Fitbit's Versa smartwatch also has the ability to store 300 songs, Bluetooth connectivity and heart rate monitoring. It offers various training modes and uses the smartphone's GPS to record the pace and distance traveled. It is resistant to water and submersible up to 50 meters, a feature that allows you to use the watch in training routines in the rain or in the pool. Provides autonomy of use of more than four days on a single charge. Its local price will be 12,799 in the base model and 13,999 pesos in a special edition.

A Fitbit Charge 3 bracelet
A Fitbit Charge 3 bracelet

The third model presented by Fitbit was the Charge 3, a stylized monitor with a housing with an aluminum design and a backlit touch panel, with a range of use up to seven days on a single charge. It is also submersible up to 50 meters and has various training modes. The price ranges from 9299 to 10,399 pesos, according to the edition.

In all cases, Fitbit will also count in the Argentine market with belts to configure the device, with bands of silicone, fabric, leather or metal ranging from 1999 to 3349 pesos.



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