Five Easy Steps To Prevent Diabetes

URBANBOGOR.COM – Disease diabetes be one disease requiring lifelong care. Therefore, it is important to do steps easy as prevention starting from now.

This, as stated by the charity Diabetes UK, reminded the importance of awareness to regulate lifestyle, including diet, in order to reduce risk disease diabetes which is also known as diabetes with some steps easy.

As reported by from the Healthline page, lifestyle changes that are made consistently can reduce the risk of blood sugar by disease diabetes about 50 percent by doing steps prevention regularly easy.

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In addition, here are five factors that are believed to prevent its occurrence disease diabetes:

1. Maintain Weight
Larger waist circumference can indicate the formation of fat around the internal organs which will cause insulin resistance. Insulin resistance makes the insulin that is produced not work properly and increases blood sugar levels.

2. Consumption of Healthy Food
“Research shows our overall diet influences our risk of developing it diabetes type 2,” said Diabetes UK, reported by Express, Wednesday (25/5/2022).

This can be achieved by following diets, such as the Mediterranean diet, the Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet, the vegetarian diet, and the Nordic diet.

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