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Cinema has portrayed in many ways the battle scientists and vaccines against viruses and pandemics. Taking advantage of genres such as science fiction, the drama has, most of the time, given a glimmer of hope amid the chaos. And they are worth reviewing in our battle against Covid 19.

Here are some of the productions that have explored that topic:


Dustin Hoffman stars in this 1995 film that could be classified as an action science thriller, in which the rapid spread of an Ebola-like virus prompts a scientist and an epidemiologist to try to get a vaccine, before decisions are made more radical.

Despite the nuance of action above scientific rigor and that this film was one of the first to be referenced when the coronavirus began, it is interesting to return to the idea of ​​betting everything on an antidote.

World War Z

Inspired by the homonymous book by Mark Brooks, the film imagines a world invaded by the undead and socio-political conflicts that lead the world to take a radical turn from what was known as normality.

In this case, as it is dealing with a strange disease that turns people into zombies, the plot gives way to the need to find the source of the contagion and a vaccine that prevents healthy people from being detected by the undead.


With the coronavirus, this 2003 film became famous again given the similarities of its fictional plot with what the world was experiencing before the real pandemic.


It was referenced in many articles by showing things like the appearance of the virus, infections and the effect on the rhythm of life in the world, but Steven Soderberg’s film also explores the development of a vaccine and, most importantly, raises the vaccination scheme and priorities in this process.
Every Last Child

This is a documentary directed by Tom Roberts that takes a look at the polio crisis in Pakistan and how an ambitious and risky vaccination plan was developed that took doses door to door, but had to face the feared radical group of Taliban.Resident Evil

On January 26th, ‘Resident Evil: the Final Chapter’ will premiere in the cinemas of Colombia.

The science fiction saga inspired by a video game and starring Milla Jovovich, also explores (in a more superficial way) the battle against a virus that turns (again) those who become infected into zombies. Although they desperately seek a vaccine, in reality the film criticizes – between action scenes and a lot of blood – corruption.



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