Five things why Android is better than iPhone

Android e iOS are increasingly competitive with each other. Although the differences are small, they still exist and make the dis positive in something unique.

Taking this into account, we can list the small advantages for which the first prevails over the software of the company what a melt Steve Jobs.

The news comes before Android

While both are at the Vanguard, there are features that are coming to iPhone, but that were already on Android for quite some time.


We are not saying that they are cheap, considering that some get to spend $400.000. But, there are many alternatives in between, something that does not happen on iPhone. With this it is clear that whoever wants a high-end phone can do it and whoever prefers a low or medium range as well.

USB type C

Another important aspect by which Android surpasses iOS and its terminals is by the USB type C connector. Having become the standard and since all the most modern technology products already have it, that the iPhone continue with the lightning connector is nonsense.

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This means that we have to have several different cables and that if the iPhone charging cable breaks, we cannot use another phone but one of the same model. The strangest thing is that another of Apple’s products, the iPad, does have a USB type C charger.

El Play Store

Liberty. We have always said that Android is a much more free and open operating system than iOS and this is evident in the number of applications in the application store.

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When it comes to downloading applications and tools, Android has a greater number so we have many more options (both free and paid) when downloading. It is also true that many of these apps are scam or dangerous but it is a risk that we must take. Now, unfortunately there are exclusive applications on iOS that we cannot download on Android


And last but not least we have customization. Launchers, icons, wallpapers, mods. The customization options are endless to the point of being able to create authentic works of art. By contrast, Apple only lets you change the wallpaper so the difference is at least noticeable.

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