Five years in prison and TBS for abusing young girls and distributing child pornography NOW

A 26-year-old man from Schoonloo was sentenced to five years in prison and tbs on Monday with conditions for the abuse of four young girls and the making and distribution of child pornography. Gerrit van L. pretended to be a peer online and then met with the victims.

The man raped three of the girls and groped one of them. They were all under sixteen and one of the girls was only eleven years old.

He secretly turned pornographic material into even more girls and then distributed it. For example, he asked the girls to take photos and videos. When this happened via Snapchat, he used special software that allowed him to covertly take screenshots without the victims being notified.

Van L. has previously committed incest with his sisters. Because the man has a morbid disorder in the form of pedophilia, the facts are attributed to him “less”.

The court considered imposing TBS with compulsory care, but experts advised TBS with conditions. “In addition, the man has indicated that he will cooperate with the treatment and the conditions to be set, and no such measure has been imposed on him before.”

One of the conditions that has been set is that the man can be treated in a forensic outpatient clinic. If he eventually does not cooperate, the tbs with conditions will be converted into tbs with compulsory care.


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