Flash move from the Central Bank against the dollar. New limit set

After the USD/TL level of 19 was exceeded and the data showed that corporate customers’ foreign exchange demand increased, a new daily purchase limit was verbally defined to the banks.


of the economy newspaper According to the information he obtained from banking sources, corporate customers will now be able to purchase 2.5 million dollars instead of 5 million dollars a day.

According to the news in Paramedia in the last period the central bank While following the money transfer transactions abroad more strictly, it has allocated a 5 percent additional fee of close to 1 billion liras to banks in the past weeks.

Banking resources last week of the Central Bank He claimed that he verbally instructed the residents to charge 5 percent for international money transfer transactions.

As it is known, there is a document and notification obligation for international money transfers over 50 thousand dollars. Banking industry sources state that they want documents, invoices even for a $500 transfer.

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