Flémalle: a man found dead in a meadow

This Tuesday afternoon, the lifeless body of a man in his thirties was found in a meadow located in Flémalle, declares the Liège public prosecutor’s office confirming information from our colleagues from the Sudpresse group.

Shortly after noon, a walker discovered a person whose body was lying against a fence located not far from a carousel in the rue de Mons-lez-Liège. The person’s position directly aroused the walker’s suspicions about the victim’s condition.

The witness called the emergency services. But when the latter arrived, they quickly discovered that they could do nothing more for the unfortunate. In fact, he was already dead.

The victim is said to be a resident of Flémalle in his thirties.

The Flémalle police intervened on the spot. The Liège public prosecutor’s office has been notified of the facts. From the first elements collected on the spot, it would seem that the death is suspicious and that a third party could have intervened in this death. The case has been put under investigation and a judge has been appointed.

As of this writing, no suspects have yet been intercepted in this case. The investigation is ongoing. The victim’s body should be autopsied to know a little more details about the exact circumstances of his death.

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