Flemish Minister of Youth Dalle does not want tests at summer camp: “Cost is irresponsibly high”

As soon as the over-65s have been vaccinated, more should be possible for young people, says Flemish Minister of Youth Benjamin Dalle in an interview with Het Nieuwsblad. “We are now applying the corona rules to prevent people from getting sick and putting too much pressure on hospitals. Once the people most at risk have been vaccinated, there is no longer any reason to adhere to those strict measures.”

According to Dalle, more would be possible for young people in the course of next month. And the youth camps should certainly be able to continue in the summer. According to the minister, the protocols that already exist will suffice to organize the camps safely. “Last summer it was shown how it can be done safely”, it sounds.

That is why Dalle is not in favor of continuous testing of young people. “We are not going to ask that all those young people undergo a PCR test this summer to be able to participate in activities again? That is not realistic, a very bad idea and also very expensive. At least 2 million tests, before and after a camp. , at 50 euros each? Then you’re talking about 100 million euros. “

Listen below to the conversation with Flemish minister of youth Benjamin Dalle in “The morning” on Radio 1:

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