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Thursday 10 January

Books – Moataz Hassan:

Some airlines have recently adopted new policies with overweight people, forcing them to pay two tickets instead of one, citing the fact that they are meant for passengers.

According to the Emirates Today website, the conditions that apply to these policies are those that are difficult to wear seat belts or that require a connection to lengthen and fasten seat belts, or if passengers can not lower the armrest on the seat due to size or weight.

Some airlines have attributed these policies to the fact that no passenger exceeds their designated space, under the guidance of "Guidelines for the traveler's budget".

Among the companies that have resorted to these new policies and conditions are EasyJet, Hawaii Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines and United, as the weight of some travelers is reflected in the comfort of the other passengers on board.

However, some companies insist that they do not ask overweight travelers to pay additional taxes, surcharges or surcharges for any additional seats. Some companies have offered the right solutions, including Air France, offering large passengers the opportunity to buy a second place nearby with a 25% discount in economy class, and if there are unoccupied places in the cabin, the traveler can reimburse the amount.

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