Flood in the Messina area, people trapped in cars and flooding in Milazzo and Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto: “Damage for millions of euros”

After yesterday’s storm in the Tyrrhenian area of ​​the Messinawhich has caused problems in the area with overflowing streams, flooded roads, cellars and houses, people trapped in cars or houses, sections of road that have collapsed Milazzo e Barcelona Well of Gotto, today the good weather is back and it’s time to do the damage count. In Milazzo the mayor Pippo Midili Talks about extensive damage for at least one million euros, just for infrastructure and municipal roads, but it should be many more considering also the private vehicles that have been destroyed. Meanwhile, firefighters and civil protection teams are still intervening Barcelona Well of Gotto, where the greatest damage was recorded, to free up roads and cellars. Yesterday evening the section of the A20 motorway temporarily closed due to bad weather was reopened.

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