Floods 2021: 20 months after the disaster, victims have still not returned to their homes

In Chênée, the water also invaded Marie’s little house. For months, she fought with the insurance companies who only wanted to compensate part of the facade, part of the staircase. Today, she let go.

Exhausted, homeless “the social housing company where I had been accommodated did not renew my lease”, she has just returned home, to a house where the work is not progressing.

Marie trusted pseudo professionals who did a bad job. We had to start over with a loss of thousands of euros.

Marie is camping in a room where the walls are bare. upstairs, nothing moved and the rotten staircase had to be removed. She has just received a new kitchen but impossible to have water and electricity, to use it.

She too has been paying a loan and rent for months, her reserves are exhausted: “What I would like is a company that donates materials to me to at least redo my walls.”

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