Floreffe: no, the glider did not crash, it naturally “went to the cows” (photos)

However, on Tuesday, around 4 p.m., motorists and walkers passing through the corner of rue du Try and rue du Bois Planté were surprised. In the middle of freshly mown wheat: a training glider! A K6 CR in starwood, dating from the 60s and author of a short 50-minute outing.

It is true that this kind of situation is less common than 20 years ago, glider technology has evolved” , continues the glider, more accustomed to gliding over the Tarn gorges up to 3000 meters above sea level, against 2500 feet (750 m) above sea level, i.e. 500 m above the ground temploutois. Safety distance recorded due to the proximity of Charleroi airport.

©Vincent Pecriaux

Free field

For Pierre, a successful outing lasts four hours. Grated for this time! To reach them, you have to have the wind, hot, with you, choose the right route, haphazardly. ” J I took off at 3:07 p.m. from Temploux aerodrome, carried by small thermals as far as Wierde. They became rarer afterwards.” The septuagenarian realized that he would not have the possibility of returning to his starting point. Without worrying. ” I circled above the abbey of Floreffe, then, saw the courtyard of honor, then I crossed the Sambre to reduce the route of those who were going to have to come looking for me.

The base was found. ” There was a field with bales and another whose wheat had just been cut. I chose this one, without bales, close to access roads.

©Vincent Pecriaux

Vincent Lebrun, secretary and instructor of the flying club Gliding course from Temploux, was part of the towing and dismantling team. ” Via n the pilot feels that he is losing altitude, that he finds himself 300 or 250 meters above the ground, he must make the decision to land. This requires observation, you have to find the right field, with sufficient dimensions, mown if possible. If this is not the case, the machine will make “a wooden horse”, will turn on itself, at the risk of there being damage. “Once the makeshift landing strip has been chosen, the aircraft descends at the rate of one meter per second, i.e. in 4-5 minutes. ” Every flight is an adventure explains Vincent again. When we take off, we don’t know for how long, where and how it will end. In 99.9% of cases, the gliders return to the take-off field.”

But, we are told, we must not want to reach it at all costs. Being out of breath is not the solution.

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