Florida women accused of stealing Vietnam's veterinary service …


A Florida lesbian couple was accused of stealing a Pomeranian service dog from a 67-year-old Vietnam veteran who died of a suspected heart attack just hours before his animal was found unharmed. The sheriff of Osceola County announced the arrest of Jennifer Gotschall, 51, and Monique Cosser, 53, on charges of robbery for alleged kidnapping of Joseph Hanson Kira's dog. According to the agency, on October 28, Hanson was taking a walk in Old Town near Orlando with his two Pomeranian service dogs, 21 years old Kira and the 11-year-old Star, when a woman he did not know began screaming and throwing bad words.

Tragic: Vietnam War Veteran Joseph Hanson, 67, had his 21-year-old PTSD service dog, Kira (left) stolen on October 28 in Florida. His other dog, Stella (right), has been spared

On Thursday, the police arrested Jennifer Gotschall, 51 (left) and her fiancée Monique Cosser, 53 (right) on charges of theft in connection with the dog's nap. A few minutes later, Hanson realized that Kira was not there anymore. The surveillance video of a company shows another woman behind him who unleashes the dog, which weighs just over 6 pounds. Both Hanson's dogs had jackets that indicated they were PTSD service dogs and could not be pampered. In an interview with ClickOrlando last week, Hanson said his dogs allow him to function in public and improve his life.

The surveillance video captured Gotschall who left with Kira after deputies said his girlfriend had quarreled with Hanson

Kira is 21 years old, partly deaf and blind, and weighs just over 6 pounds. Attacking a suggestion from an interested citizen, on Monday investigators recovered Kira from one of the suspect's homes. The two women, who are believed to have a romantic relationship, face the theft of big offices 5 years. The small pet, which is partially deaf and blind, has been found in good health, but its owner has never had the chance to reunite with her because he died only a few hours earlier. Hanson's friends tell Spectrum News that the 67-year-old veteran was found unresponsive at his home on Saturday. They believe he suffered a heart attack, which caused his death on Tuesday. On Thursday, Gotschall and Cosser were arrested in two different counties with the charge of a mass theft with a sentence of up to five years in prison. A spokesperson for the sheriff's office tells DailyMail.com that women will not face further charges related to Hanson's death.

Adored couple: The pair of suspected dog thieves were arrested Thursday in two different Florida counties. A friend of Hanson who runs an animal rescue now takes care of his two Pomeranians. Gotschall, who plays on Facebook under the pseudonym "Beth Ann Miller" and describes himself as a volunteer for animal rescue, defended her and her girlfriend's actions in an assignment that lasted two days before their arrest. Referring to her and Cosser in the third Personally, as if she were talking about someone else, Gotschall claimed that "these women" seen in surveillance images released by the sheriff's office catching the nap are "strong animal lovers" who saved the Pomerania. "The man carried the dog on a leash in the air and from the ground," he said. & # 39; Not just them [Gotschall and Cosser] seen this is when they decided to act alone. They had no idea that the dog was a guard dog.

Before his arrest, Gotschall, a self-proclaimed animal lover, justified the abduction of the dog by saying that Hanson was observed while he was lifting Kira off the ground with a leash Gotschall's post goes on to say that after taking Hanson's dog away , they took Kira to a vet and spent more than $ 300 in tests, which allegedly revealed that the animal had liver failure and was malnourished "The reasoning behind them in taking the dog is 100% in my justifiable mind, either [sic] if he were a service dog or not, "he insisted, the sheriff's spokesperson said that at the time of their arrest, Gotschall and Cosser refused to make statements about a motive. We accept comments on this article.


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