Flu: pharmacists authorized to vaccinate massively

Posted on Sep 24, 2021 at 7:49 PM

The improvement is confirmed in France, on the front lines of the fight against Covid-19. But as fall is just beginning, the government is trying to avoid a second epidemic: that of the seasonal flu.

The Ministry of Health presented, Wednesday, September 23, its influenza vaccine strategy. It will begin on October 26th. Objective stated: to increase vaccination coverage in 2021. To achieve this, pharmacists will be authorized to vaccinate the entire population.

Four weeks delay

Pharmacists have, since 2019, already been authorized to vaccinate adults and adults targeted by the vaccine recommendations in force against seasonal flu. This concerned, in particular, people over 65, pregnant women, patients suffering from certain chronic pathologies, obese people, or even those close to immunocompromised people.

These people remain the priority. “A prioritization strategy will be put in place for the target population during the first four weeks of the campaign,” said in a statement, the Union of Unions of Pharmacists of Officine (USPO). Vaccination in pharmacies for all adults cannot begin until after this period, i.e. on November 23.

The ministry further indicated that 10 million doses of influenza vaccines would be delivered before the start of the campaign. Overall, the vaccine supply will be 17% higher than the previous year. Unlike last year, health authorities are not worried about influenza vaccine stockouts.

In view of these figures, the union is formulating a request: to be authorized to vaccinate upon receipt of these doses. The USPO also wants preparers to be allowed to vaccinate against influenza.

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Vaccination coupled with a booster against Covid-19

In terms of the fight against Covid, ” concomitant influenza / covid-19 vaccination is authorized, ”said the union in a press release. The USPO welcomes this progress “which recognizes the role of pharmacists in the vaccination strategy against Covid-19”.

In August, the High Authority of Health (HAS) recommended the use of a coupled vaccination. She then proposed “to avoid any delay in influenza vaccination and simplify the vaccination course, to proceed with the administration concomitant with the booster of vaccines against Covid-19 and the seasonal flu vaccine once a person is eligible for both vaccinations ”. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health clarified that no delay was foreseen “between the two injections when the two vaccines are not injected at the same time”.

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