Fluke Pongsakorn-Fai Rujawee reported the drama production company. plead guilty to fraud

at 11:30 a.m. on December 28 Fluke Pongsakorn Wongpian and Fai Rucharavee Jeeradechakul are two teenage actors. Traveled with Mr. Decha Kittiwittayanan The chairman of the network of lawyers to relieve suffering met Pol Lt. Col. Sarawut Butdee, deputy superintendent (investigation) of Bang Khen Police Station to file a complaint and prosecute the law. with a drama production company for fraud

Due to the fact that in December 2010, a drama production company persuaded the two to join the drama on Channel One. by taking the role of the lead actor of a drama series The terms of the employment agreement stated that once the eight episodes of the drama were filmed, 50 percent of the total wages would be paid. A total of 16 episodes were hired and 1 episode had to be filmed for 3 queues. Later, the drama production company had internal problems with the drama’s producers. and has been terminated therefore asked for the actor’s fee according to the agreement But the drama production company refused to pay. Claims to have never agreed with the two actors on such terms.

The production company stated that the condition of the drama production company is that 1 episode equals 5 queues. The action of the drama production company mislead and be convinced to agree to a contract for acting which is a license causing a relationship with the drama company and lose the opportunity to accept performances from other camps Both actors filed a complaint with the investigating officer. in order to collect evidence and take action as it deems appropriate

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Initially, the police will receive documents and evidence from both of them. before being called in for a more detailed questioning later and will continue to follow the steps of the law






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