Flying Cross-Country for a Date, This Woman Is Even Killed and Her Organs Taken


Willing to travel 3,000 miles to meet his girlfriend in cyberspace, Blanca Arellano (51) ends tragically. Photo/Independent

MEXICO CITY – A tragic fate had to be experienced by a woman of origin Mexico who is willing to fly 3,000 miles to meet his girlfriend in cyberspace at Peru . A date that should be romantic turns into a nightmare after her body is found washed up on the beach.

Blanca Arellano, 51, told her family at the end of July that she was traveling to Lima, Peru. She plans to meet Juan Pablo Jesús Villafuerte in person, a man she has been dating online for several months.

Her family said Arellano was planning to visit the beach town of Huacho, where her 37-year-old Peruvian boyfriend lives, and that remained their story until they stopped hearing from him on Nov. 7.

If it weren’t for the efforts of Blanca’s social media-savvy niece, this case might not have been uncovered as the post about her missing aunt garnered hundreds of likes, retweets and comments.

“I never thought I would be in this situation but today I am asking for your support to spread this post and find one of the most loved and important people in my life. My Aunt Blanca Olivia Arellano Gutierrez disappeared on Monday 07 November in Peru. We fear for his life,” said the post uploaded on November 12 as quoted from IndependentFriday (25/11/2022).

In her post, Blanca’s niece admits to starting to have misgivings about the medical student who met her aunt on an online gambling forum after a conversation with her in November revealed the pair had broken up. Her aunt’s ex-boyfriend claims that Blanca has returned to Mexico.

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“I decided to communicate with Juan P as he is the only contact he has in the country and that is where our fears are fueled,” he wrote in a follow-up post to his Twitter thread about his aunt’s disappearance.

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“Is he okay?” asked Blanca’s distraught nephew, emphasizing in his series of posts how Juan P was the only person in the country his aunt knew.

The medical student responded by saying that he had stopped talking to Blanca a few days before. He also claimed Blanca told him she was going to get on a plane back to Mexico after the breakup.

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